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Remember, New World Orbit is GLOOTEN FREE.

Hillary and Huma looking really spooked.
Hillary and Huma don’t know nuthin’

Here we are in high orbit over the vast plane. You’d think, being up here so high, all of our attention would be on the blue marble earth. Instead, we look at the internet. MASA boarded up the windows on the earth side of the satellite, so we have to look at something. Join us in Orbit, see what it is we see, and allow us to explain it all to you.

Elon Musk admits he's bipolar.Here in Orbit, we rip the lid off of the latest conspiracies, plots, and New World shenanigans. We expose the Flat Earth, Bigfoot, 9-11 Conspiracies, UFOs, the fake moon landings and false flag ops. We explore the mysteries and the unexplained. We also bring you the human interest stories told from our unique perspective. Mostly what we do, however, is expose the utter stupidity rampant in society and the media. These are just a few of the many reasons New World Orbit should be your first step to understanding the world.

Make sure you’re in the proper Orbit

Shmarvard University diploma for Masters in Stupidology.
Shmarvard Masters in Stupidology

Alright, in the right sidebar of every page on New World Orbit is a subscription sign up form. See it over there on the right where it says, “Join Us In Orbit.” There are fields for your name and email address and we don’t care about your name. The form will go through whether you provide a name or not, and who cares whose name it is? We don’t. We’re just going to keep sending alerts to that email address until you tell us to stop.


I came up with the idea of claiming Orbit is “gluten free” in conversation with my friend and colleague Alan Anderson. He said: “You should spell gluten with two O’s.” And we had a good laugh about that.

Alan is a world renowned novelist and his work can be found at Amazon.