A cadre of morons in Brevard County Florida managed to ignite a 10 acre brush fireDispatch From Orbit with explosives during their gender reveal party. Of course they did. And this happened even after the county had put a Burn Ban into effect. In fact, fire officials “have already seen an increase in fires.” Of course they have. Because, duh, it’s Florida.

This comes to us from WCVB 5 Boston, oddly enough. The story is titled: “Gender reveal sparked 10-acre brush fire, officials say.

What an explosion might look like.I didn’t know explosives had become part of the new tradition.

And well, it’s not just Florida, it’s people anywhere, actually. While I was vaguely aware “gender reveal” celebrations have become a thing, I didn’t know explosives had become part of the new tradition. Turns out if you search YouTube for “gender reveal party explosion” you’ll find it’s a current trend and it involves blowing up tannerite by shooting it with a high-powered rifle. Completely safe, especially with a pregnant woman around. The 15 second video is loud, but the best part is the end when these clowns are yucking it up.

What’s tannerite? Some sort of explosive, apparently. I tried to read about it but I struggled to understand because I have nearly zero interest in the subject. I guess you have to combine the explosive with some other chemical, aluminum something or other, and when you shoot it, it explodes. Woo woo. It doesn’t take much to entertain some people. I don’t know why you have to shoot it in order to make it explode; physics, undoubtedly.

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“I’m sure no one thought that this could end tragically.”

Some news crew interviewed a retired local pastor about the Iowa woman’s death. He said: “I’m sure no one thought that this could end tragically. Who would have thought?” Yeah, I guess that was the problem, you know, thinking. The pastor wound up his comments with, “In an instant everything changed.” Yep. explosions are kind of like that, by definition.

Check out the video here, 33 seconds. It’s loud, but there are slo-mo replays. Lets you see that refrigerator door sail past the guy before he could even move. If he’d been two feet to the left it would have killed him. Instantly.

I guess the moral to this story is, if you’re having a gender reveal party, try not to do anything that will potentially kill the parents or the kid.

Just sayin’…

M. Nick