Breakthrough for women, no respect jobs.

Everyone can agree, the one industry that has shut women out of the executive ranks is the entertainment industry. Perpetually seen as second class citizens, women have remained in menial jobs, struggling to even make a living.

The only jobs women could get were the lowest paying and least respected.

Not like the men. No, the men have magazines about themselves, Dispatches from Orbitproduction companies, TV networks, sports teams, clothing and cosmetics manufacturers, brands of liquor, castles, mansions, jet planes, million dollar cars, yachts, and countless homes. Women have been shut out. The only jobs women could get were the lowest paying and least respected.

No more. Now EVERYTHING has changed. A woman has been named as GM for a large entertainment company, something in Florida called the Florida Dolphin. Or wait, no, it’s Marlin. Like the fish. We don’t believe dolphins are fish. They’re in the bird family or something, you notice how they fly out of the water. Marlins are definitely fish.

The entertainment industry has done nothing for women.

Well this woman is a fish flying high above the waters now. This woman is going to be the General Manager.Menial jobs women could get. Of course there have been no efforts in the entertainment industry to help women in general. No special days, no promotions, no ostentatious flags or banners or items of clothing. The entertainment industry has done nothing for women.

But this woman was undeterred. It wasn’t easy but she forged ahead, fighting her way up the organizational chart to the top. It was a tough row to hoe. Sometimes it was like beating her head against a wall. For decades she paid her dues, working for peanuts, scraping together crumbs to make herself a life. Now she’s arrived. Rumor has it a company car may even be involved.

The struggle of women in industry.Women’s advancement could even be promoted.

It won’t be long before this Marlin entertainment company will be having promotions and events to combat women’s diseases and maladies, special days, special offers. Women’s advancement could even be promoted.

Tip your hats to this little lady, gents. We have a feeling she’s here to stay!

M. Nick