Dispatch From OrbitCan there be anything more exciting than watching somebody try to beat a train to the tracks?Signal to warn you a train is coming. No. In person there could not be anything better. As long as you had an excellent vantage point it would be the absolute shit.

This story was on a website at WANE.com, whatever the fuck that is. Something about Ft. Wayne Indiana, except they misspelled “Wayne.” Hee hee. You think that’s dumb, wait until you read their lead: “A driver is safe after attempting to cross a closed railroad crossing Thursday evening…” 

Yeah, those fucking things are trying to get your attention to warn you.

What exactly is a “closed railroad?” Is that when the big arm thing comes down and there’s a dinging noise?Train smashes boat off transport truck. Yeah, those fucking things are trying to get your attention to warn you. You know, that there’s a train coming. That’s why you don’t drive around them to cross the tracks. Unless you’re a fucking idiot, that is.

First we have the obligatory photo of a smashed vehicle. We found a random smashed truck and put it here. It isn’t the truck in question. Then we get the obligatory lecture from the police how you shouldn’t circumvent the crossing barriers, without using the word “circumvent–” TA DA. But then the police statement confused us. Was the crossing blocked because of repair, or were they talking about the regular dinging things arm deal going on?

I bet there’s video of a train hitting a boat.

Train hits boat on truck.Well we don’t give a shit. We just enjoy watching trains hit the cars and trucks. There is no end of videos online of trains hitting cars and trucks. I bet there’s even video of a train hitting a boat. And by fucking GOSH, here it is.

You can watch the whole video here; it’s Viral Hog, so you know it’s going to be good. Only 1:34. It’s a train smashing a transport truck with a boat on it. We’re talkin’ big fun! That red and white shit you see flying to the left is the boat.

Remember people, when there’s a railroad barrier blocking you whether it’s dinging or not, it’s just a suggestion. Go ahead and give it a shot. You’ll probably make it. And if it happens you get your ass handed to you, hopefully somebody will be recording it.

And we’ll see you on here.

M. Nick