Bill Maher, Julian Assange, virtual dopplegangers.

Dispatch From OrbitRecently, I saw a photo of Julian Assange online. He’s a dead ringer for Bill Maher. However you spell his name. It isn’t worth me looking it up. You know who I mean. Maher is nearly Assange’s doppelganger. I’d like to see some sketch comedy (SNL?) featuring Bill Maher as Julian Assange. In fact, I’m thinking a spin-off. Why not?

Miley Cyrus plays Angela Merkel on SNL.

What could be more hilarious than a TV series about a guy like Assange living in an Ecuadorian embassy, having whacky press conferences, and dodging international assassins? Whoa, the highjinks!! It’d be a mad-cap roller-coaster ride of a series. Every week, they’d have someone impersonating a world or national celebrity. Oh yeah, this would be great.

Episode one: Maher as Assange has to meet with Angela Merkel, played by Miley Cyrus. Right away he’s goosing her and chasing her around, hooting and crashing through stuff. Angela (played by Miley, remember) is mostly naked, twerking, sticking her tongue out lasciviously. Comedy gold. I see that coming next fall on CNN. Each episode Maher will have some other configuration of facial hair and a different hairdo. Just like Assange does in real life.

M. Nick

July 15, 2017