A friend of mine made some remark about the Drudge Report. I told him, “I go to Drudge whenever I want to scare the shit out of myself.” Like today’s big headline:


If that’s not the headline in a 1940’s Superman comic, I’ve never seen one. Shades of space battles. Reality is turning into a sci-fi comic book.

All you have to do is look down the Drudge Report front page and you get headline after headline that demonstrate the world is careening into some high tech AI apocalyptic nightmare. Behold some examples.

“Asteroid skimming Earth will test NASA ‘planetary defense system’…”

Oh great, this is now reality? And an actual concern?

“Electric Cars Run Over OPEC.”

This sounds like a wet-dream from 1974. Wouldn’t that be peachy if it were true.

‘Space burial’ boom as people want ashes sent to Moon…”

Yeah, of course in the world of the Jetsons, people will put technology and big budgets to more and more ridiculous uses.

“Meet Robot Banker; Never Takes Day Off…”

And bank management say: “Please Brer Fox, please don’t throw me into the briar patch.” You know they’ve been trying to force tellers to perform like robots for decades, now they’ll have their way. But they gotta shake their heads and say it’s necessitated for economic reasons.

SHOCK: Child sex dolls being sold online…”

Yeah well, you knew the world wasn’t getting any better. That subject brings up a whole lot of interesting issues NONE of which I want to have anything to do with. All I can conclude is that people are getting more and more fucked up and the tech industry is the Prime Enabler.


Yes, Orwell’s “1984” is calling and surprise, it’s corporate, not governmental. Oh, what was I thinking there, they’re one and the same.


If you’re a 10 year old or older, this probably strikes fear into your heart. Remember this shit? AHAHAHA. Get ready…

Elon Musk admits he's bipolar.
Elon Musk admits he’s bipolar.

“Elon Musk admits he is bipolar…”

This is the guy they’re going to let try to build an underground MagLev train from NY to Washington, or something. And he’s bipolar? Hey, have you gotten your ticket for a trip to the moon on Elon’s rocket yet? You notice his booster tests are going swimmingly. Since they’re going into the ocean…

Ah well, check out “News & Opinions” for a story about a woman attacked by a rabid racoon.

Be sure to get that ticket for Elon’s moon excursion ASAP. You don’t want them running out of rockets before you get your chance.

M. Nick