Animated HATEMAIL GIF.We try to avoid going fully profane in headlines so we softened what we wanted to say. What we really wanted to say was the lying assholes at Microsoft are getting ready to fuck up your world again.This is not incoming hate mail, this is outgoing hate mail. Why do we characterize them as liars? Because they said Windows 10 would be the last Windows operating system. Yeah. Going forward they were just going to keep perfecting Windows 10 in perpetuity. No need for any new operating systems.

Jobs warned us about this kind of shit.

Steven Jobs warned us about tech companies run by marketing people.SURPRISE!!!! WINDOWS FUCKING ELEVEN just got LEAKED. And ain’t it just like the slimebags at Microsoft to “leak” the OS. Jobs warned us about this kind of shit. Marketing people in charge of tech companies. This is the kind of shit they pull. Because marketing people are godless, soulless parasites. Good marketing people will sell their mothers into sex slavery. If everybody concerned is lucky.

If the current operating system is terrible, wait for the next one.

Windows 11 is destined to be a disaster, just like every other OS MS produced. Ever noticed that? If the current Microsoft operating system is good, their next OS will be shit. If the current operating system is terrible,User reacting to Windows innovations. wait for the next one. XP was great. Vista was a pig. Windows 7 was great. Windows 8 was dogshit. Windows 10 is okay, but not as good as Windows 7. If the pattern holds true, Windows 11 will be a disaster worse than the advent of Yoko Ono.

More fucking around is always an improvement.

Bill Gates is better than you.MS makes things easier to use by making them less convenient. In the mind of Microsoft, the more clicks you add to accomplish the same task the better. More fucking around is always an improvement.

Okay, okay, we use the products. What’s the alternative? You have to have an engineering degree and an aggressively OCD personality to use Linux. And I personally am unable to get a stick far enough up my ass to qualify for Apple ownership. So there’s no alternative. We just have to live with it. We just have to spend time and effort figuring out how to defeat as much of the shit Microsoft ruins as we can.

We have to accept the awful truth: The Microsoft giveth and the Microsoft taketh away.

M. Nick