Handicapped man banished from Walmart over handicap tag.You see what happens, Larry, when journalists are not expected to read, think critically, or have any curiosity about what happens in the world? This is what happens, Larry.

Now this is some seriously stupid shit. There was an incident at a Florida Walmart. Of course there was. There are incidents all day every day at every Dispatch From OrbitWalmart in the world. And in fact, every world. Why does this constitute “news?” It’s impossible to say. The news these days is either fake or irrelevant. Which is fine because nobody who produces it gives a shit. Why should they?

There was apparently shouting involved.

It’s a mystery, but still, some team of corporate assholes decided to put this information out to the public. Here’s the basic story: A guy with a prosthetic leg parked in a handicap spot and a security guard accosted him and told him A.) he was not handicapped, and B.) his handicap placard was fake. Nobody could argue he wasn’t handicapped. Look at the photo.

There was apparently shouting involved. The handicapped guy’s wife called the sheriff’s department and deputies came out. Per News4JAX: “According to the police report the responding officer filed a trespassing warning against the couple, telling them ‘if they come back to the property, they will go to jail.’”

What about the fucking handicapped tag?

So the couple fucked off, as requested. The obvious question is why were they banned from the store? Maybe because the guy got a little shouty, although he claims the security guard started out screaming. Who knows what happened. Certainly not whomever wrote the news report. What about the fucking handicapped tag? The guard claimed it was fake. Suspected fake handicapped_tag.We got a screen shot from the video and it looks legit, donit?

It’s kinda cute to see these journalists struggling to make sense of the world around them. You can’t blame them, though. Fact is, contemporary journalists are only semi-literate and there are no longer any editors or proofreaders. So the report doesn’t clarify this minor detail.

From the story: “News4Jax promptly alerted Walmart to the situation. A request for comment from Walmart’s corporate office was not immediately returned Tuesday evening.”

What do we do then? Do we keep digging? Yes.

Now that’s some top-notch reporting there, that’s some incisive journalism. That’s a note from your mom you were sick and couldn’t do your homework. “I tried to find out what was going on but nobody called me back.”

So what do we do then? Do we keep digging? Yes. From the story: “News4Jax reached out to Brosnan Security, the company the guard worked for, but we have not heard back.”

Well then, what’s left to say? “Hey, we did all we could do. Nobody would call us back. The end.”

They probably didn’t say that out loud, but that’s the upshot.

M. Nick