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We don’t know where we got some of the material on this website. All of us used to download random GIFs, photos, and videos and made no note of where we were getting got them. Some of them we’ve figured out later, some are still a mystery. Everything we use, however, is for the purposes of parody or commentary, and should therefore be exempt from copyright. In any case, we’re now keeping track of where we get stuff.

The animated GIF on this page is a case in point.

The animated GIF on this page is a case in point. One of us had it and we decided to put it here as commentaryDon't stress, have a beer. that the whole copyright thing with the internet is a clusterfuck. We didn’t know where we got it so we searched and somebody with the YouTube handle of scooterboy posted it with the title “Car falls apart during a skid.” We don’t know if scooterboy created it or got it someplace else. There’s text on it that says GIFAK.net. That is currently a site in some foreign language nobody up here in Orbit speaks or understands. We suspect the domain expired and the site is now a placeholder and offer to sell the domain, but since we can’t read it, we don’t know for sure. It doesn’t appear there are any GIFs on that site.

If you see anything on this website you consider a copyright violation, please let us know so we rectify the situation. And remember folks, don’t get pissed off, have a beer and cool out.

We did a search and the “WE WANT BEER” photo may have come from the American Prohibition Museum, which looks pretty cool and you should check it out. They have tours. Prohibition of alcoholic beverages was as stupid as prohibiting cannabis. We’re talkin’ to you, states that haven’t legalized it yet.