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Campbell M Gold (2011)

Two French psychologists, Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon, created the first “modern intelligence test”in 1911, which measured intelligence quotient (“IQ”).
Intelligence Levels
As psychologists developed and refined IQ Testing, classification systems were established, and any child with an IQ of above 70 was considered “normal”, while those with scores above 130 were considered “gifted.”

Desperate for attention, asshole puts tape on face.Retardation Levels:
To classify scores below 70, psychologists invented a scale of “retardation” -Morons, Imbeciles, and Idiots:
Morons: Those with IQs between 51 and 70
(adequate learning skills to complete menial tasks and to communicate)
Imbeciles: Those with IQs between 26 and 50
(unable to progress past a mental age of approximately six)
Idiots: Those with IQs between 0 and 25
(poor motor skills, extremely limited communication, and little response to stimulus)

The moron/imbecile/idiot classification system remained in use until the early 1970s

Notes and Acknowledgments:Kitchen hack cooking fire.
My brother-in-law looked at this list and said:
“My IQ is 54. Damn, I just missed being a moron by five points.”
In order to get this joke you have to read the descriptions noting the number ranges.

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