Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs
Look at the yolks on those perfectly boiled eggs!

Well, now that we’re reviving the Egg Salad News, it’s time to put up the fool proof procedure for hard cooking eggs. If you follow this procedure you’ll have perfect hardboiled eggs for whatever you want. Potato salad, egg salad, even deviled eggs. The shell peels off of these perfectly hardboiled eggs like magic. The yolks will be a vibrant yellow; there will be no gray. The gray schmutz on the yolk is confirmation they’re overcooked.

Next issue we will provide M. Nick’s personal recipe for egg salad. It is the world’s best egg salad. The procedure for boiling eggs, though, is integral to the recipe. If they eggs weren’t boiled using the correct procedure, the egg salad will be shit.

I do three eggs at a time, perfect for two sandwiches. If you do more, do the math. I buy Jumbo eggs, and the fresher the better.

One: Take a deep saucepan, put three eggs straight from the fridge into the bottom in a triangle, and then with the spray setting (so you’ll hit all three eggs simultaneously) fill the pan to an inch above the eggs.

Two: Put 20 minutes on your timer but don’t set it running just yet. Give a shake of salt into the water. Cover and put on high heat.

Bring to a full boil. Set off burner. Start the timer, remember, 20 minutes. Set stand, do not open.

Three: A few minutes before the timer goes off, crack two standard trays of ice cubes into a stainless steel bowl. Okay, it doesn’t have to be stainless, but M. Nick feels the water stays colder longer in steel. Fill the bowl up with cold water leaving room for the eggs. When the timer goes off, do not pour off the water. With a slotted spoon, take each egg out of the boiled water and place gently on the bottom of the steel bowl, nudging cubes out of the way on the way down.

When all three eggs are at the bottom of the ice water bowl, start 20 minutes on the timer.

Four: When the time is up, take each egg out of the water and peel off the shell. Leave the eggs you’re not working with yet in the ice water. Take out an egg and dry it with a soft towel. Then crack the egg open. I use the middle knuckle of either hand to kind of puncture the shell.

Get down to the egg white and then start peeling. There is a membrane between the egg and the shell. You have to get through that membrane or else the egg will get all botched up peeling it.

Once all three (or however many you chose) are peeled, you’re done.

Coming next: A Word About The Laws Of Thermodynamics

Egg Salad Staff